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SASSA is a South African Social Security agency which provides social grants to those who are under the poverty line and unable to get basic needs of their life. But the news which is circulating throughout the country that SASSA is providing loans to grant beneficiaries isn’t true. This is clarified on SASSA official channels that they are not providing any kind of loan. We see on our google search engine and many rumors are circulating that SASSA is providing loans via cellphone. In this article we will navigate the truth or fiction about SASSA loans via cellphone.

Loans For Recipients of SASSA:

This is absolutely false that SASSA is providing loans itself to their beneficiaries who are under the poverty line. But some lenders and microfinance institutions offer loans especially targeting SASSA beneficiaries. They will consider your grant payment as your monthly income for eligibility reasons. These loans will come with their own terms and conditions and policies as these are not specific loans from SASSA.

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Disinformation and Scams:

Be careful about rumors which are spreading on social media about “SASSA loans” through your phone. These might be scams in order to take advantage of your financial weakness. SASSA is informing on their official channels about such schemes that you must beware of them and is actively giving them warning.

Lack of Certainty Regarding SASSA Grants:

There is some confusion new beneficiaries are facing regarding SASSA grants and their terminology. As grants provided by SASSA are not refundable and those are for their help in order to meet their daily expenses to live a happy life. 

Substitute of Quick Loans:

  • You must have your financial planning for the entire month in such a way you can take good care of your money and you will spend it according to your need. By managing your finances you can get rid of short term loans.
  • You can simply cut your extra expenses like a ninja and use that money for your important things
  • You can seek advice from trusted and financial advisors in order to avoid loans that will be a burden on you in future when you will start repaying that.
  • If you are unable to compete your daily expenses with the money you are getting monthly you can simply reach out to trusted organizations that provide financial assistance without repaying like a grant and apply for that in that way you will hopefully get qualified and you will start getting payment.

Although legit lenders some microfinance organizations are providing loans with their own terms and policies while SASSA itself is not providing any kind of loan to their beneficiaries. However, by following cautions you can beware of potential scammers. Remember that by planning your entire month’s finances and using alternative support you can avoid any kind of loan for your entire life.


Remember that don’t even give your personal or banking information over the phone to anyone who claims that they are providing a loan on behalf of SASSA. As it might be a scam. However some legit organizations are providing loans such as shoprite and capitec. You can reach them if you really need a loan. If you are looking to check the status of your grant visit


No, SASSA is not offering any kind of loan to their beneficiaries as their main role is to serve as a grant provider neither as a loan provider.

Yes, you can get a loan from legit lender and microfinance organizations as they are providing loans specially to SASSA grant recipients. However these loans don’t have any concern with SASSA as they have their own terms and conditions.

You must beware if you are applying for a loan over the phone. Some scammers are posing as “SASSA loans via cellphone” so don’t give your personal information to anyone. Always try to use trusted websites and trusted lenders in order to get a loan.

As we know that if we get a loan we have to repay with its interest rate. So you have to repay more than you borrow. And if you miss a payment it affects your credit score. So you need to be sure about repayment before taking a loanin order to avoid more financial difficulties. 

In order to know more about SASSA you can simply visit their official website:

Or you can call them on their toll-free number: 0800 60 1011

If you are looking for some financial assistance you can visit following website in order to manage your monthly finances;


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