SASSA Status Declined

SASSA is a south african social security agency which is providing financial aids to their vulnerable society. But sometimes receiving a surprise notification from SASSA that SASSA declined your application “Alternative Income Detected” which is uncertain and frustrating. Especially if you are relying on the SASSA grant. Don’t lose hope! In this article we will guide you about the reasons behind declined status and clarification for that message. You will have the potential to move forward in order to get your deserving support.

Reasons of declined SASSA Status:

There are following reasons behind your declined SASSA status. Mainly SASSA verifies your eligibility for the grant using various databases. One important component is your income threshold. If you received a message of declined status it could be that SASSA finds your alternative source of income and your monthly income is exceeding eligibility criteria. This income may originate from a number of sources. Such as;

  • Receiving income or salary from the employer when you got formal employment.
  • Earning money through freelancing through contracts, gigs and self-employed.
  • Receiving other social grants from SASSA which exclude Child support grants.
  • During the unemployment period you might receive an unemployment social fund.
  • If you are getting financial assistance from your friends or relatives and it exceeds the threshold then your application will decline.

Resolution of SASSA Status Declined

Here are some clarifications regarding your SASSA status declined due to finding an alternate source of income. You can follow these steps in order to assure your grant.

  • After receiving a declined message from SASSA. Make sure to review your application and reapply for srd r350 and check that information that you have provided regarding your income is correct and updated.
  • You can simply contact SASSA through their toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 in order to clarify about detected income sources. You must explain your financial condition and ask for assistance in order to appeal for the decision.
  • Make sure to gather all documents which will support your present financial conditions. Such as your current bank statements, affidavits for detected income sources in order to prove that it falls below the threshold.
  • If you think your income detection is incorrect and you are still eligible for a grant then you can go to the SASSA nearest office in order to appeal the decision. Make sure to keep all documents with you which will support your financial conditions.

Final words

Receiving a “SASSA Status Declined” due to an alternative income source identified and your SASSA status check failed could be uncertain and discouraging.  But you don’t need to lose hope. By following these steps you can assure your grant with SASSA. Remember that you must need to have patience and staying proactive will be the keys to success in order to assure your deserving grant. So make sure to keep your information updated and stay in touch with SASSA in order to get any kind of updates.

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Here are some general FAQs regarding your declined SASSA status due to detection of alternative income source. 

SASSA declined your application because SASSA status identified alternative income of yours. That’s why your SASSA status keeps saying failed.

SASSA status check is an online tool for SASSA beneficiaries and applicants in order to check their SASSA SRD grant online. And your SASSA status check says failed or SASSA check not working. This might happen due to “incomplete application” so you need to make sure that you have provided all documents and all necessary information.

Yes, you can receive both grants at a time. Because SASSA includes other income resources which are beyond SASSA grant.

If you will not appeal for declined status to SASSA you would be disqualified for grants. And would be unable to receive the grant until you again submit your application and meet their eligibility criteria.

SASSA mainly takes 4-6 working weeks in order to give you a response for your appeal. But it also depends on the workload and complexity of your information.

You can reach SASSA through their official platforms. Such as;

  • You can visit to check you status.
  • You can visit SASSA website; 
  • You can call on SASSA toll-free number which is 0800 60 10 11
  • You can visit SASSA nearest office in order to get more assistance regarding your application status.

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