SASSA Status Pending:

SASSA is a south african social security agency which is providing grants to their population who are deserving and are under poverty line. But sometimes beneficiaries face some issues in order to get their grant where right now the most concerning issue is “SASSA status Pending”.

Receiving this notification from SASSA might be nerve wrecking and brings anxiety for those who are depending on this grant. So no need to worry, take a deep breath we are here to help you. In this article you will get to know about the reasons behind SASSA pending status as well as the solution of this problem so let’s go.

Meaning Of SASSA Status Pending:

Pending status means that your application is not approved yet and SASSA is conducting verification and your application is under verification process. It means that right now the application is in the intermediate phase of processing and SASSA is actively verifying your details before reaching the final decision.

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Reasons Behind SASSA Status check Pending:

There are following reasons reasons behind pending status of your application from SASSA;

  • Incomplete application must be the reason behind your pending status such as  missing information or errors in your application details.
  • SASSA does verifications on all your documents. This might be the reason behind your pending status because SASSA does all necessary verifications on your documents such as your ID number, banking details, and your income status. This is a time taking process.
  • Sometimes due to mismatch in your data will be a reason behind your pending status like SASSA cross-checks your data with other government organizations in order to verify your eligibility.
  • Sometimes SASSA faces technical glitches which might affect the application process.
  • SASSA runs a means test on your assets and income if you get failed in that your SASSA status could go pending because of this also.

Overcoming on Difficulties Regarding Pending Status:

After knowing the reasons behind pending status, here is the resolution of this problem. By following this step by step guide you can assure a smooth payment from SASSA. Let’s get into the solution in order to find a suitable fix.

  • After completing your application make sure to double check your application. Or if you are getting your status pending then review your application in order to find errors. You can review your application by logging in your SASSA portal: 
  • SASSA notifies you from time to time through their SMS service so you need to check your inbox in order to get any kind of updates from SASSA.
  • If after waiting a reasonable time you are still facing the same issue regarding SASSA status then you must contact SASSA directly through their toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11 or you can visit their office in person.

Final words

Through this comprehensive guide regarding SASSA status you will get to know the reasons behind your pending status and will navigate the process in order to get a smoother withdrawal of your grant from SASSA. You need to have some patience and wait calmly for the processing time. 

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Here are some general frequently asked questions regarding your SASSA pending status. Some beneficiaries face trouble in order to check their SASSA status. For Example, if SASSA status says pending, SASSA status pending for how long, SASSA status check pending, SASSA status check still pending, you will get to know all resolutions in this section about your pending SASSA status.

Receiving a notification from SASSA that your status is pending means that your application is still in process and SASSA is doing verifications on your application before making any decision.

The reason behind your SASSA pending could be incomplete information or invalid personal details. Sometimes due to some technical glitches SASSA would be unable to give you the updates about your status.

SASSA mainly processes applications within 4 to 6 working weeks but sometimes due to some difficulties in your application such as missing details or incorrect details might cause some problems and it will take a long time to process.

SASSA status check is a tool which allows you to track the progress of your application.

And pending SASSA status means that your application is still under progress and SASSA is running essential verifications on your application before making any decision. 

SASSA status check pending appeal stands for the term that your application is initially rejected from SASSA side. And if you’re not satisfied with SASSA’s decision you can make an appeal to SASSA for their decision and pending status means that your appeal is under review. Or either your information is being cross-checked by various departments.

It is not guaranteed that SASSA will surely approve your application. But receiving a pending status doesn’t mean that your application is rejected.

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