SASSA UIF Registered Appeal

SASSA is offering financial assistance to their vulnerable population with the aim of giving them a good life that they deserve. But in some cases when your application gets rejected, like if you are registered with UIF (unemployment insurance fund) which means that you are already getting a grant from some social security agency. No worries, you are not alone. In this article we will talk about aspects of rejection and will empower you to fight for your right.

Understanding about UIF rejection

UIF registration is a frequent cause of SRD grant rejection. Mostly SASSA give priority to unemployed people who are not receiving any kind of UIF benefits. But the system isn’t flawless all time so sometimes due to some technical issues some legitimate cases mired in red tape unintentionally. There could be some reasons behind UIF rejection;

  • Sometimes due to some misunderstanding with your data like you updated your data on UIF but it does not appear in the SASSA system which could lead to inaccurate calculation.
  • Sometimes due to delay in UIF updates your data calculations could be inaccurate.
  • Sometime due to some technical issues in the system will lead to misjudgment.

Demystifying Application Process

Don’t get discouraged due to rejection. Within the time period you can appeal regarding the decision. Here are following way to navigate the appeal process;

  • Completely read the rejection notice and know the actual reason behind your rejection. This will give you important information to process your SASSA appeal effectively.
  • Remember to gather all your required documents that will support your claim. This will include UIF payment slips, bank statements of UIF payments, or recent claim forms.
  • In order to appeal for a decision you can reach SASSA online from their website scroll down and click on appeal, then follow the given instruction on screen and must provide your supporting documents.
  • You can also post your appeal on mailing address after completing application with all supporting documents.
  • Try to explain your appeal logically and concisely. Highlight the variance with UIF registration and provide your supporting documents.

Have patience and Follow-up

After submitting your appeal regarding rejection you must have some patience that it may take some weeks to process. And follow-up SASSA officials regularly. You can check your SASSA status online through sassa status check.

Having complete understanding about appealing your SASSA UIF registered appeal you can ensure more financial assistance that you deserve. If you are persistent and have all information regarding your eligibility. With this information you can navigate the maze and can get your financial assistance.

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After being rejected for SASSA UIF registered appeal you can appeal within 30 days.

In order to appeal after getting rejected you will need these supporting documents:

  • Recent UIF claim forms
  • UIF payment Slip
  • Bank statements of UIF payments

You need to explain your appeal logically and clearly. Attach all relevant documents that you need financial support.

You can submit your appeal at SASSA nearest office or you can submit it through their official website: 

You can review your application by contacting SASSA or you can re-apply for appeal.

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