SASSA Status Approved But No Pay Date

SASSA is a South African social security agency providing grants to their vulnerable society in order to give them a good life that they deserve. But sometimes beneficiaries face some kind of issues during receiving their grant where the most concerning issue is that the recipient got approved their SASSA status but not getting any payment date. In this article we will discuss the reasons behind not getting payment date as well as the solution regarding SRD no pay date.

Significance of SASSA payment date:

Getting a payment date from SASSA is a light of hope for beneficiaries when they will receive payments from SASSA. So if you are completely eligible for grant and you got an approval from SASSA but not getting payment date you must have a look at your application.

Reasons Behind Delayed Payment Date:

Your eligibility for SASSA grant is assured by getting approval of your application process. So if you are not getting a payment date there might be the following reasons behind the delay.

  • Behind the delay in payment date there must be a reason for additional verification. Because SASSA has the right to do additional checks on your application even after approval. Such as verifying your banking details or checking your income threshold this process might take a while.
  • SASSA distributes grant payments in batches. So you must know your application submission date and the batch number in order to get your first payment. It will take some time to process and to give you payment date.
  • Sometimes due to some technical glitches online systems become unable to give payment updates.
  • You must make sure that your banking details are correct and your bank account is active otherwise your payment date could be delayed or even returned.

Take A Deep Breath Move Forward:

After knowing that SASSA status approved but no pay date you are getting from SASSA then you must take action. So don’t sit calmly and follow these steps in order to get your monthly payment date;

  • You must double check your application in order to assure that you have provided all correct information such as your ID, your banking details, and your contact information. Keep them up-to-date with SASSA
  • Keep checking your SASSA status online through their website: or you can contact them through their toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11 for assistance regarding your SASSA status approved but no pay date.
  • Keep checking your banking details if you get to know that your banking details are not correct or you have made some kind of changes with your banking details keep them up to date on your SASSA portal.
  • If your payment is getting delays to some issues in bank account then you can go with alternatives SASSA is offering such as Tyme Bank ATMs and cash payout at post offices

You must remember that staying calm and proactive will be the key to receive your grant that you deserve. So by communicating with and taking actions you can resolve this issue.

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Receiving a notification that “SASSA status is approved but no payment date” could be uncertain and annoying. So by following these helpful steps you need to make sure that you are getting financial support that you deserve. You must remember that having perfect knowledge regarding the issue and by having proactive contact with SASSA you can easily resolve your issue and assure your grant payment.


If your application is approved but you are not getting payment date it usually takes time to process your application like 4 to 7 weeks and sometimes it depends on batches.

If you got approval from SASSA regarding your application but you didn’t get any SMS regarding payment date this could be due to some network issues or due to  invalid mobile number so you need to recheck your provided number.

Right now SASSA is not providing any online tracking system for application but here are alternatives that you can check your SASSA status online or you can simply call on their toll-free number.

In order to avoid any kind of delays in your payment you must keep updating your banking details. For that you can log in to your SASSA online portal through: scroll down to banking details and update them.

Yes you can use following payment methods to get your SASSA grant payment methods.

  • Tyme bank ATMs
  • Cash payouts at post office

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