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Welcome to a complete guide on facing challenges in SASSA bank verification pending details. SASSA (South African social security agency) which is providing financial support to their population to give them relief from their difficult financial crisis.

To get the grant you must have to submit an application by visiting their nearest office in person or via official website. There will be major reasons if your payment is getting delayed.

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One of the most common reasons why your grant is getting delayed is invalid banking details. In this article we will discuss the importance of SASSA bank verification pending, basic reasons of pending status, their effect on payments and their solution updating sassa banking details. Let’s start to discuss details to assure a smooth and constant flow of payments.

Importance of Accurate Banking details

Make sure to provide accurate required personal and banking details. Accurate banking details is a crucial process for receiving your grant timely and without facing any kind of issue. When you are providing your banking details to SASSA must double check your details if there will be any kind of mistake or bank detail is wrong your payment could be transferred into some other account which will cause difficulty for you and for SASSA. You will also face financial problems due to this.

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Always stay up to date to avoid any kind of delays in your payment so you can get a smooth transaction. By providing accurate banking details you can minimize the risk of fraud like SASSA will verify your details and provide you a smooth transaction. If your banking details are wrong you may be a victim of delay in getting payment in that case you can also face a financial crisis. 

 Understanding about details of SASSA Bank Verification Pending

SASSA banking details verification means that SASSA has received your application and they are processing and verifying your banking details to make sure if these are correct to ensure that payment is transferring in the right account.

 Significance Of SASSA verify Bank Details

Bank verification is an important process when you are looking to submit your SASSA application. Bank details verification is an important step in order to receive grant payment timely. Make it sure when you are providing your personal and banking details these are correct. 

This will avoid delays in your payment as well as if bank details are accurate the actual person will receive the grant payment without troubling themselves as well as SASSA. Because if payment is transferred into another account that will be a burden on you and also on SASSA. Accurate banking details and personal details will help SASSA to make contact with recipients. It will decrease the risk of fraud. 

Assuring that financial payment is sent to the correct account. Exact banking details play an important role for smooth payment by making the verification process essential. All these accurate details will build trust between the grant provider and the recipient. 

General Reasons behind Pending SASSA Banking verification

Knowing about why SASSA bank verification is pending needs a conclusion. Common reasons may include invalid documentation, invalid banking details etc.

There are few reasons why your banking verification is getting pending:

  • Inaccurate banking details: must be the reason for your SASSA bank verification pending status. If you have provided wrong banking details you will be unable to receive your grant from SASSA. This will take a long time to verify and to see if you are eligible for this. This will happen when you have applied through online without double checking your details.
  • Insufficient banking details: if your banking details are not complete as required by the SASSA your status will be seen as pending until you update your banking details. While providing banking details you must provide them with your accurate bank name, branch code, your account number and name.
  • High volume of Application:Sometimes due to receiving a high volume of applications from applicants SASSA got some delay in verification. This will happen if the verification process is manual and staff is short.
  • Technical Issues:If your SRD bank verification Status is pending this may be due to some technical issues. This may include problems in the verification system if  it is going through online, or sometimes software stops working; these will be the reason if your details are going pending.
  • Frequent Changes:You must avoid frequent changes in  your details that will cause delay in payments. Because after every single change SASSA has to verify those details.
  • Sometimes your application goes under review to make sure that you are eligible for a grant.

If you are facing any kind of delay in your payment you must contact SASSA officials and share your problem. They will help you to resolve this problem.

Effects On grant Payment

If you have applied for your SASSA grant in any section like for SRD r350, asylum seeker, unemployed etc and not updating your application on time as it needs, you will suffer with delay in payments or pending status. It will badly affect those who are only relying on these payments. 

You may be unable to complete your financial needs like food, healthcare and for your living. In that case you may be a victim of depression and anxiety. And you have to rely on other sources like you have to borrow money from others which will be hard for you to manage. So, make sure to update all your details and make them accurate.

Sometimes your application status is pending due to risk of fraudulent activity. This will take some time to verify your details and your eligibility. In that case you have to wait with some patience for approval.

How to Check SASSA Bank verification Status

Applicant can know their SASSA bank verification status check with two different ways:

SASSA Status check verify through online:

If you want to check SASSA verification status you can follow these steps:

  • Visit website of SASSA
  • Login into your account by providing South African ID and your applicant ID
  • Click submit and your application status will be shown
  • you can also check status verify through sassa apps.

The network will show your SASSA status including the details of bank verification if they are still pending.

Sassa status check verify through phone

If you want to contact SASSA directly and want to have words with them you can simply contact their toll-free number which is 0800 60 10 11. You can simply follow the instructions which will be given by the agent of SASSA in order to check your status.

You can also visit your nearest SASSA office in person in order to know about your SASSA status.

Why Is My SASSA Bank Verification Pending?

In order to check about verification status of SASSA application you can simply follow these steps to make it more convenient:

  • Make sure that you have applied after completing all documentation. If there is any document or any personal detail missing, update it immediately in order to avoid any kind of delays in payment.
  • If you have completed all requirements and spot your status is pending, directly visit your nearest SASSA office in person in order to get help from them for verification of your document.
  • If you can’t visit SASSA in person you can also contact SASSA officials through phone via email or their toll free number.

Measures to solve Pending Status

If you are facing some issues with your sassa application like your status is getting pending after waiting for a reasonable time period then you must follow these steps to overcome this issue.

  •  In order to avoid any kind of delay in payment make sure to check your all details again that you have that accurate.
  • You must keep your bank details updated if you make any kind of changes.
  • If you don’t want any kind of issue with your application must check your status regularly
  • If you find any kind of issue and are unable to resolve that on your own, immediately contact SASSA through their website, toll-free number or by visiting their local office in order to get further assistance to resolve the issue.

Must keep all your personal and banking information with you if you visit the SASSA office or are going to make any kind of change through online portals.


SASSA is playing a pivotal role in offering financial assistance to their weak and unemployed population. However, following the application process and facing any kind of grant related issues could be challenging sometimes. The main issue an applicant may face is SASSA bank verification pending.

But it could be resolved by having patience, follow-up and making sure that the details that were provided during application are accurate and complete. By following these tools you will ensure a smooth and trouble free payment process. 


If you have applied for SASSA grant and application is still pending. That means your application is received by SASSA and it is under process in order to make a final decision. So, you need to wait patiently to get your status verified.

SASSA will mainly take at least 12 to 14 working days to verify your application When SASSA verify bank details they take some time in this process to know if these are accurate. It may also depend on the complexity of your application and the applications that are being processed in that time. If your portal is showing SRD banking details verification pending after waiting for a reasonable time you must contact SASSA officials and let them know about your problem you are facing with your application. You can contact SASSA through a mobile app, through their online portal, you can also access them through their email and their toll-free number.

If you want to accelerate your SASSA verification process you must provide all details accurate with complete documentation. You can contact SASSA in order to know the SASSA bank verification status check and to know the status of your application.

If you have updated your bank details you must change that details in your SASSA application.

In order to avoid any kind mistake in your details while updating them in your application you must have following documents:

  • Your South African ID and your phone number that you used while applying
  • If you are an asylum seeker or you have special permit than you need your passport
  • You must have proof of residence
  • If you are updating your bank details you must have your bank name, branch code, your account number and a bank statement proving your bank details

By following these crucial steps you would be able to verify your banking details with SASSA.

If your application is not approved yet then your SASSA bank verification pending status will affect you like you will not get your grant until you reapply for SASSA grant. If your application got approved for SASSA grant and status is still pending, it may not affect your future payments.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome from SASSA you can simply contact them through their number or you can visit their nearest office in order to make an appeal and share with them your financial crisis.

If you want to know more about SASSA you can visit their website or you can visit their office in person.

  • Keep checking your SASSA status through website or by calling them on toll-free number
  • Keep your phone number updated with SASSA so they can contact you when they need any kind of extra information.

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