SASSA Internship Programme 2024

SASSA is a south african social security agency which is providing financial aids to diverse groups of south africans. They have their offices nationwide. Now SASSA is offering internship programmes for fresh graduates and undergraduates in order to give them experience for their practical life. SASSA is offering two distinct internship programmes to develop young talents and to support their mission of social grants assisting millions of population. 

Two Tracks, One Objective

SASSA is offering two unique programs in 2024;

  • Internship program for graduates
  • Internship program from Total energies

SASSA Internship Programme For Graduates

 SASSA internship program 2024 is offering to fresh graduates practical experience as well as to develop young talent. This will be a 24 months internship program where you will gain valuable experience of social security. You will need the degree in various fields to get into an internship with SASSA

  • B-Tech Degree/ National Diplomas
  • Degree of Law
  • Degree of Policing
  • Degree of Forensic Investigation
  • Degree of Compliance management
  • Degree of Social Sciences 

Interns will obtain practical experience in grant administration, beneficiary communication and fraud prevention and all the SASSA essential functions in SASSA internship program 2024.


Internship Program From Total Energies

Total energies internship program is actually a partnership between SASSA and Total energies. Their internship period will be 18 months. Although their main perspective with SASSA internship program is complex, but it can be summed up by following;

  • Their aim is to develop talent and get access to a pool of South African fresh graduates with expertise in Economics, Statistics, Engineering, and business. They will give them practical experience in relevant fields by investing in them and giving them perfect knowledge about total energies so they would be able to get permanent jobs in South Africa as well as internationally in Total Energies.
  • They are empowering south african youth by giving them valuable internship program
  • They are showing dedication and commitment by joining a well reputed government organization such as SASSA for social development
  • They are also focusing on sales by giving awareness about their efforts and making the South African community understand about Total Energies work in South Africa.

Relevant Degree To get internship

You will need following national degrees in order to get into total energies internship program with SASSA;

  • B-Com in Economics
  • B-Tech Mechanical Engineering
  • Degree in Economics
  • B-Com in Statistics
  • B-Tech Chemical Engineering

This  SASSA internship programme 2024 is offering valuable experience into energy sectors and developing career ways in it.

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You Can Expect As an intern

Both internship programs from SASSA are offering priceless growth and exposure. Interns can expect following;

  • Interns will get mentorship and training from experienced SASSA’s professionals. They will guide them and support them throughout the journey. They will especially organize some special training sessions to give them knowledge and essential skills.
  • Interns will get practical experience from handling applications regarding grants to investigating them. They will get to know about actual responsibilities 
  • Interns would be able to make a network connection with people as they will get to know many people which will be beneficial for their future.
  •  Both programs are offering a good stipend assuring that interns will get financial stability during internship period.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to get eligible to apply for this SASSA internship programme you must have following;

  • Your South African identity
  • Must have required qualification as mentioned for each program
  • Fulfill extra requirements as listed on SASSA website.


SASSA internship programme is offering something really unique which is beyond the opportunity to get valuable skills and knowledge. They are offering you the ability to make an actual difference to change the world. By joining SASSA you will be a part of an organization who is providing financial assistance to millions of South African population. It’s a chance to learn, develop and contribute for a society which is more just and equal.



You can apply for an internship program in the first quarter of the year. You must have a regular check on the SASSA website as well as on SASSA social media to get updates regarding the 2024 internship program.

SASSA internship program for graduates will be 24 months long and duration for Total energies internship program will be 18 months.

Both internship programs are offering competitive stipends which will be enough for the person to survive during internship. Candidates that will be successfully appointed for internship will get R7043 monthly. Depending on interns qualification and skills and work stipend amount may vary.

You can get more updates regarding the SASSA internship program through

  •  Their website: this will be your primary source of information. 
  • In order to get more information you can directly contact on toll-free number which is: 0800 60 10 11
  • You can also reach SASSA through their twitter account which is @officialSASSA 

When you are applying for SASSA internship program you will need following documents to attach with your application;

  • You must be south african citizen and have proof of that
  • You must have certified copies of your degree
  • A resume

These required documents may vary according to the program you are applying for. You should also check the SASSA website if they need any other specified documents for application.

You can apply for the SASSA internship program 2024 through their website: . You will need a detailed CV with all required documents such as your degree with relevant fields and your proof of being a South African citizen.

Your main responsibilities will be collecting grant applications, investigation of that, fraud prevention, beneficiary communication, and policy development. You will gain valuable experience with social security agencies and will get to know about practical responsibilities.

Yes, there is a vacancy in KZN for an office manager with maximum 3 years experience.

No, there is no age restriction if you are applying for a SASSA job. But different fields may require different years of experience which will indirectly affect the age of eligible candidates.

You must be prepared in order to apply for an application with your detailed CV with double check as well as all relevant documents. Must remember that this is a competitive internship program which is giving valuable experience in practical life. So you need to be ready with a strong application in order to increase your chances of success.

We have designed these FAQs in order to answer all your queries. If you get any question which is hitting your mind feel free to tell us so we can improve with that.

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