SASSA ID Booking

SASSA is playing a pivotal role in South Africa by supporting them with financial aid to those who are in need. In South Africa, your ID plays an important role as it unlocks all essential social grants and services from SASSA. But in order to submit an application or booking an appointment for ID or you want to renew your ID, looking to collect it sometimes feels like passing through a maze of bureaucracy. But no need to be worried, you will get a complete guide regarding booking an appointment for ID and you will have enough knowledge and confidence to go through this.

There are two channels available from SASSA side for ID booking;

 DHA (Department Of Home Affairs)

The main role of DHA is to collect applications regarding IDs and passports as well as investigate citizenship. In order to make an appointment you can reach them through online using BABS (Branch Appointment Booking System) and you can also book this via SMS by texting them “DHA ID APP” on 32551. For both approaches you must keep ready with your South African ID number and branch location.

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SASSA Offices

 Some of SASSA offices are offering limited ID collections for grant recipients without online service. Although booking is frequently unavailable, Time of processing may vary. In order to get more information about SASSA ID booking you can visit your nearest SASSA office in person.

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SASSA ID Booking By Using BABS

If you are looking to apply for ID you can simply make an appointment  by using an online portal through BABS. you can simply follow these steps in order to avoid any kind of trouble;

  • After choosing your purpose ID as your service type, put your South African ID number in order to identify yourself.
  • Select the city/ branch and province of your choice. Remember that all branches are not providing booking services so make sure that where you are applying is near you and appointment is possible.
  • A digital calendar will come on screen in order to choose your scheduled time for visiting that office in person. Before choosing a day make sure that weekdays are not business days as well as choose time according to your schedule after keeping in mind everything.
  • Verifying everything regarding your application is a crucial step. So make sure to double check your details day and time of appointment in order to collect your identity and press “Confirm”. After submitting your application, wait for confirmation SMS or you will get an email with a booking reference number. You must keep it safe as it is the key to collect your ID.

To get your SASSA ID seems to be a difficult task but this guide will help you know about how to schedule your appointment with BABS and by having a little patience you will get your ID. Remember that by having an ID you can open up a vast range of opportunities for yourself containing SASSA grants and many other services such as SASSA status check.


No, you will get online booking service from BABS during their business working hours excluding public holidays and weekends.

Yes, you can surely book an appointment for someone else but you must have there South African ID and consent.

Try to add your nearby branches or expand your search, you can also try different dates in order to get a suitable time for an appointment. If you are facing trouble to find any suitable appointment for you simply visit their nearest office in person and tell them about your concerns.

No, currently BABS is not providing this kind of service online if you have made any kind of mistakes. You can contact your chosen branch to know if they can help you regarding change in appointment.

If you have lost your reference number of booked appointment no need to be worried you can get that by calling BABS helpline 0800 60 01 95 or you can retrieve that from their online website by clicking on track application and entering your south african ID.

Knowing about SASSA status check with an ID number is a convenient way to know about status but if you don’t have that you can simply contact the SASSA toll free number in order to know about your status ; 0800 60 10 11.

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