Understanding SASSA Qualification

SASSA is a South African social security agency which is playing a pivotal role by providing financial assistance to their vulnerable society. However in order to access social grants you have to meet specific eligibility criteria. Understanding SASSA qualification is a successful key to complete your application and get the support that you deserve.

SASSA Qualification Criteria:

In order to know about policies for SASSA qualification criteria you have to meet the following basics to get into SASSA qualified members.

  • You must be citizen of South Africa and if you are special permit holder you must have proof of that such as proof of residency and your passport
  • Age matters a lot in order to get grants such as SASSA is providing old person grants. To get that grant you must be 60 or above of that and if you are looking for children grants you must be below 18.
  • You income will be gone through a means test in order to know whether you are eligible for SASSA grant.

Types Of Grants from SASSA:

SASSA is offering multiple grants to their population which is under the poverty line and are unable to complete their daily expenses. SASSA is offering following grants:

  • Older Person grants is provided to those who are above 60 and are unable to do anything for their living
  • Disability Grant is provided to those who are disabled and medically proven that they are unable to do anything for living as well as they must pass a means test.
  • SASSA is providing child support grants to those who are unable to take care of their children who are under 18.
  • Foster Child Grant is for those who are taking care of orphans and abandoned child.

Applying For SASSA Grant:

If you have decided for which grant you are going to apply you can read the complete SASSA application process and you meet the eligibility criteria. You can apply for SASSA grant by following these steps:

  • You can visit your nearest SASSA office in person in order to apply for a SASSA grant. They will give you a form to complete that application by attaching all required documents.
  • If due to busy schedule you are unable to visit SASSA office you can apply through SASSA website: https://srd.sassa.gov.za 
  • Open SASSA website
  • Register yourself by providing your South African ID
  • Login to the portal scroll down to apply for SASSA grant 
  • Select grant type
  • Provide your required details such as ID, Proof of Residency, proof of income and any medical report (if Required)

Always remember that you must provide your details accurately in order to avoid any kind of trouble. You may get disqualified if you provide wrong details. After applying, just wait for SASSA approval patiently.

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The SASSA grant is playing a pivotal role in reducing poverty and promoting social well being. Understanding the process to qualify for SASSA grant you can empower yourself by getting financial support that you deserve. Following the step that provided you can assure your grant with SASSA.


You can apply for a SASSA grant by visiting their nearest office or by their website.

You will need following documents if you want to apply for SASSA grant:

  • Your south african ID
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of income
  • If you are a special permit holder proof of that.

Mainly SASSA takes 14 working days to approve an application but sometimes it takes a long time due to workload or due to some issues with your details.

Yes, school attendance is compulsory between 7 to 15 years in order to get children granted. SASSA will compensate child attendance if they have some medical issue or are disabled and are not able to attend school.

If you have suspected any kind of scam you can simply call the SASSA hotline for fraud report 0800 600 160 or you can visit SASSA nearest office.

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