SASSA Questions and answers Guide

SASSA is a South African National agency which plays an important role in tackling poverty by providing financial assistance to their vulnerable population through various grants which also cover Special relief distress (SRD) grants. However, completing an application for a grant, knowing about eligibility criteria, and other ongoing processes will sometimes feel like breaking a secret code.

So this complete guide about SASSA questions and answers will help you to get a complete knowledge of the most pressing questions regarding SASSA grants. The given SASSA question and answer are mostly asked by SASSA beneficiaries. 

What type of grants does SASSA provide?

SASSA is offering various grants which are covering following;

  • Older person grants
  • Disability grants
  • Children’s support grant
  • War veteran
  • For COVID-19 they have started a temporary grant which SRD R350.

How to qualify for a SASSA grant?

SASSA is offering multiple grants which require different eligibility criteria. In order to get more information regarding SASSA grant you can visit their website or you can contact them through their toll-free number; 0800 60 10 11

How to apply for a SASSA grant?

If you meet eligibility criteria of any grant offered by SASSA you can apply for grant by gathering all required documents and  following these steps:

  • You must have you south african ID and if you are asylum seeker you must have your passport
  • You must have your proof of residency
  • And you must have all banking details

By gathering all these documents you can simply apply online through their website by following given instructions on screen. You can also visit SASSA nearest office in person in order to apply for a grant. 

How much time does SASSA take for the application process?

SASSA mainly takes 14 working days in order to process and verify your application process but if SASSA is taking more time this could be due to following reasons;

  • Due to overload of application
  • Due to your missing personal details so keep updating your application
  • Due to invalid banking details

You can check your SASSA grant status online through their website as well as via mobile app and by visiting their office in person.

How do I receive my monthly SASSA grant assistance?

You will receive your SASSA grant monthly in your bank account so you need to make sure that you have provided correct banking details. And keep updating your phone number and your personal details.

Why is my SASSA grant getting delayed?

If you are facing trouble in receiving your grants monthly or it’s getting delayed you must contact SASSA immediately in order to investigate the issue. You can reach SASSA through their website as well as through their toll-free number.

What is meant by SASSA reconfirmation?

SASSA reconfirmation is a process of confirming your application details after applying in order to keep that up to date.

Why is SASSA reconfirmation important?

SASSA reconfirmation is important in order to avoid any kind of delay in grant payments. Because you will get to know about new updates from SASSA and keep updating your application according to requirements. You can reconfirm your status through their website or by USSD code 134777#.

What should I do if I missed the reconfirmation deadline from SASSA?

Mainly SASSA provides a grace period of time to reconfirm your application. But missing a reconfirmation deadline from SASSA will lead to suspension of your grant. So if you missed the deadline you must immediately contact SASSA and explain about your situation and request for reconfirm.

Can I appeal if i’m not agree with SASSA’s decision?

Yes you can surely sassa appeal if you are not happy with SASSA’s decision by reaching them through their website or by visiting their office in person. You can share your financial situation with them if you think it’s not a fair decision from SASSA.

Does SASSA affect NSFAS?

NSFAS is a national student financial aid scheme which provides financial aid to needy students. So if you are receiving a grant that will not affect your NSFAS payment because receiving a SASSA grant proves that you need financial assistance.

Can I withdraw SASSA at an ATM?

Yes, now SASSA can be withdrawn at an ATM by using your SASSA gold Card you can access your payment.

Can SASSA cards be used at ATMs?

Yes, you can access money immediately from any ATM by using your postbank SASSA gold card.

What is meant by SASSA zero rated?

SASSA zero rate means that for SASSA grants you can apply through their website without any charges. The SASSA website is zero rated so that you will not charge any kind of data when you will apply for SRD grant.

Where can I get more information about SASSA?

You can get more information about SASSA question and answer and its policies by reaching them through their following official online channels as well as you can visit their nearest office in person.

  • SASSA website:
  • SASSA toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11
  • SASSA twitter (X) account: @officialSASSA


By having perfect knowledge regarding SASSA policies and their grants and about their eligibility criteria you can assure a trouble free process for getting a grant from SASSA. We hope that these SRD questions and answers guide will help you to get a clear view regarding SASSA policies. These SRD questions are mostly asked by users so we hope that you will find them informative and will surely forward to your loved ones who are in need.

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