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After confirming your identification, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides simple offline and online ways to modify your phone number for an SRD award. This tutorial will provide you all the instructions you need to update your contact information if you are an SASSA SRD Grant holder and you are unable to access your previous phone number for whatever reason.

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Since your registered phone number is where you receive alerts of your grant changes and payment dates, having a current phone number is required for the SRD award. Your grant payments will stop if you misplace that number since you won’t be able to get updates on your SASSA award. Therefore, in order to prevent any delays in your grant payments, it is crucial that you notify the SASSA as soon as possible and change Sassa phone number and update SASSSA Banking details.

Reasons to SASSA Change phone number

There might be a variety of reasons why you should update your Sassa contact details, including:

  • Either your phone was stolen or you misplaced it.
  • Your SASSA grant was linked to your old sim card, which you have now replaced.
  • You submitted the wrong phone number in your error-filled SASSA grant application.
  • You no longer have access to the individual whose phone number you used to apply for the award.
  •  You want to add a secondary phone number.
  • You want to add a secondary phone number.

Of course, there may be other causes as well, but these are the most frequent ones. You should update your contact information on the SASSA portal as soon as possible if any of the aforementioned reasons call for a change SASSA phone number. Failure to do so might result in missed notifications from SASSA and a delay in award payments.

SASSA Change phone number process

There are several ways to modify your SRD phone number details. We will discuss all the ways to update your SASSA SRD phone number

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  • SASSA Website 
  • Call SASSA
  • Contact on whatsapp
  • In person 

SASSA Website

To update the phone number with SASSA visit their website: 

ID number 

Enter your 13 digit south african ID number in the field allocated for this. Carefully enter the ID number without any spaces in between.

Application ID

Enter your 6 digit Application ID number in the field specifically allocated for this. Carefully enter it to avoid spaces in between numbers.


Once you have done entering ID number and application ID click submit to proceed.

Update contact details

You’ll see a lot of options on the next page. Locate “update contact details”.Click on it to proceed with updating phone number with SASSA.

New phone number

In the available field add your phone number. Enter it carefully and add the correct country code (082 for South Africa)

Save the update:

After updating your phone number in the section click on the save button to complete the update process.


After saving the new updated phone number you’ll get the OTP on your updated phone number. Enter this in the field provided “Enter OTP”

Verify Pin:

Click verify pin after entering your one time pin (OTP)

Update successful:

When the verification is done you’ll get a confirmation message.


  • Sassa helpline:Call sassa call center at 0800 601011.
  • Follow the instructions to speak to an agent.
  • Talk to the agent about Sassa change phone number.
  • Provide your ID number and applicant ID to the agent.
  • Provide your new phone number.
  • The agent will update your phone number after getting all the required information.

Contact on whatsapp

  • Contact SASSA with their official whatsapp number at 082 046 8553 
  • Send a message to the SASSA whatsapp number.
  • Follow the instructions to update the SASSA number.

Visit SASSA office

You may locate the closest SASSA office and pay them a visit. It is imperative that you bring identification papers, since SASSA agents may request that you provide them for validation. When the staff has confirmed your identification, your phone number will be changed.

Please be aware that it may take some time to complete either way. You will have to wait longer if you use the call center calling technique because many people phone with questions and the agents are frequently busy.

It takes time to visit the SASSA office because there are always big lines and you have to wait for your turn.

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Importance of updating phone number with SASSA 

Smooth communication:

Sassa communicates important updates through the phone number. If your provided phone number is updated, you’ll not miss critical information and receive grants on time.

Risk of fraud:

Any suspicious activity or changes in your account will give you an alert on your phone number so you can take immediate action.

Transparency and accountability:

Being transparent is essential for building trust with SASSA so that’s how you can avoid any problems and get your payouts on time.


It is very crucial to update your contact details for SRD Grant if you want to get your grant on time. I have tried to explain the process of changing the SASSA Phone number as easy as possible. By following any of the above procedure you can easily update your phone details. If you want to check you sassa status through sassa apps read our another thorough guide on the process.

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You can change your mobile number with SASSA in two ways:


  • Visit SASSA website:
  • Click on Update Your Contact Details.
  • Enter your ID number and application ID.
  • Follow the instructions to verify your details and update your phone number.


  • Visit the SASSA office.
  • Provide your ID number and application ID to the agent there.
  • SASSA officials will assist you in changing your contact number.

Since your grant application is connected to the missing mobile phone number, you can report it to SASSA by following these procedures. Navigate to the “Unauthorized Cell Phone Number Changes” report page on the SASSA website. Provide your contact details and a brief explanation of the circumstances.

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