SASSA Funeral Policy

SASSA is a “South African Social Security Agency” which provides financial grants to those who are in need and are suffering with financial problems. In South Africa many families face problems for dignified funerals as it could be a heavy burden on poor families. Here SASSA funeral policy comes off in order to assure that everyone gets a proper send off by using their convenient ways.

Knowing about basics

SASSA policy provides financial support for funeral expenses such as transportation, burial cost, and other related fees. This policy is for all SASSA recipients and will give you peace of mind knowing your loved ones will not face financial hardships during times of pain.

Eligibility Criteria And Conditions

In order to get funeral funds from SASSA you must have to ask them for keeping your funds from your grant. That will be a small amount like 5% or 10% will be deducted from your grant. Enrolling for SASSA funeral policy is easy and straightforward you can simply enroll yourself by following simple steps:

  • You can do it online through their website 
  • You can visit your SASSA nearest office in person

Insurance payment will be deducted directly from your SASSA account with a cap in order to insure affordability. You can simply select from bronze, silver, gold or platinum tiers. Each of them is providing varying financial assistance.

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Getting Benefits

In the unfortunate incident of death, you can claim SASSA Funeral policy benefits easily as SASSA makes it as smooth as possible. You have to simply get your benefits by gathering all required documents such as;

  • Death certificate
  • Proof of enrolment
  • Simply submit your application for claim

SASSA tries to process claims quickly and efficiently in order to release funds of the recipient within a reasonable time frame.

SASSA funeral policy runs beyond monetary assistance. They are providing grief counseling and provide them a gentle hand in order to console them from their loss. Further policy is getting more updated and improving in order to help those in their darkest hours.

If you are a recipient, the funeral policy of SASSA is an important option to consider in order to not let your loved ones worry for your final expenses during times of grief. SASSA is something more than financial assistance as it is a promise of dignity and a gentle hand for those who face loss.

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Enroll for SASSA Funeral Policy

You can simply enroll yourself for funeral policy by following these simple steps;

  • Make sure that you are SASSA recipient 
  • Gather all necessary documents such as your ID, proof of residence, and payment slips
  • Visit SASSA website if you wanna do it online
  • Visiting SASSA office in person will be more convenient way 
  • You simply fill up the form by providing all required documentation
  • Choose your desired coverage
  • Your premiums will be deducted from your SASSA account directly
  • If you want to know about the offices details of the SASSA read sassa contact details.

You will get peace of mind knowing that you have secured a dignified send-off and your loved ones will not get worried during times of grief.

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Yes, you are eligible for funeral policy with SASSA if you are getting financial support from SASSA monthly. Funeral policy is covering Old age grants and Disability grants.

By choosing a funeral policy with SASSA you will get peace of mind, as it’s not like other insurance policies. During times of grief SASSA works more quickly in order to provide claims on time, and provide them a gentle hand to come off from their sorrowful time.

  • Bronze is an affordable tier which provides basic coverage from R10 per month
  • Silver is medium coverage option with more benefits which starts from R20
  • Gold is with magnificent coverage with more benefits starting from R30 
  • Platinium is a top option of coverage with more support starting from R40

Insurance payment will be deducted directly from your account.

SASSA policy mainly covers all funeral expenses. It may include;

  • Cost of transportation of deceased
  • Burial expense
  • Marker or headstone
  • Urn or coffin
  • Funeral reception catering
  • Fee of the administrative

The legal representative of the deceased person is able to get a claim from SASSA. You will need following documentation in order to get claim;

  • Death Certificate
  • Enrolment Proof
  • ID of deceased and beneficiary

The claiming process is really smooth and SASSA tries to release funds within time.

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