SASSA Status Check Failed

SASSA is a South African social security agency providing grants to their vulnerable society in order to give them a good life that they deserve. But sometimes it seems upsetting and concerning when you receive a notification regarding a SASSA status check that has Failed. Especially if you are depending on a SASSA grant for living. However, hold on a while before reaching any conclusion. In this article we discuss the reasons behind SASSA status check failed and some actionable steps by following them you can assure you continuous grant.

Reasons Behind SASSA Status Check Failed

There are following reasons if your SASSA status is getting failed;

  • Sometimes due to incomplete information in your application might be the reason for your Status check getting failed. Read SASSA complete application process.
  • Incorrect information can lead to an error during the verification process. Such as if your ID number and banking details are wrong there will be errors during the process.
  • Sometimes due to technical glitches you might face this kind of error.
  • This problem can take place due to mismatch in data with the record of the home affair department.
  • Make sure that you passed the means test. If your asset or monthly income is exceeding means test your application will be rejected.

Do’s When your SASSA status cheek fails

You can follow these steps in order to check reason behind your status getting failed and what you can do for that;

  • If you are finding errors during SASSA status check you can simply login to your SASSA website: and make sure you have provided accurate information. And keep updating your information if you change anything.
  • Always double check your information before submitting an application in order to know about SASSA qualification process.
  • Sometimes due to technical issues you might find this error. You must wait 24 hours and again try to check your SASSA status.
  • If your SASSA status remains fail after 24 hours then contact SASSA through their toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 and report about issue
  • If your application got rejected due to a means test you can appeal to SASSA for a better decision.

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Getting a “SASSA status check failed” notification can seem to be a hurdle and this uncertainty can bring anxiety. But no worries, this article will help you get out of this situation. By following given useful steps you can assure your monthly grant. Remember that SASSA is here to assist you with financial support so by having complete knowledge and staying informed with SASSA will help you to overcome this situation and secure the help that you deserve.

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Here are some frequently asked questions by SASSA beneficiaries who are facing this uncertainty and getting worried about their grant payment.

There might be following reasons behind your SASSA status is getting fail;

  • Wrong information of your ID or banking details
  • Incomplete application such as missing documents
  • Technical errors from SASSA
  • Errors in data verification

SASSA status check fails means that SASSA is facing trouble during the verification process of your application.

If you are receiving this notification that your SASSA status check is failed you must recheck your application and update it if any changes occur. If your status remains unchanged you can contact SASSA through their toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 in order to report an issue after waiting 24 hours.

You can avoid SASSA status check failing in future by following these steps;

  • Double check your application before submitting it
  • Keep updating your application on SASSA website
  • Keep checking your SMS and emails if SASSA sends any kind of updates.
  • Gather your all required documents if you are looking to appeal for SASSA decision.

You can get more information about SASSA and your status by visiting SASSA website: You can also contact SASSA through their toll-free number; 0800 60 10 11 in order to know about your SASSA status. You can visit SASSA’s nearest office in order to know about queries.

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